Supporting witnesses

Witnesses are central to the success of any legal action. If you have been a victim of, or witnessed, anti-social behaviour it is important that you co-operate with us (and any other agency) throughout the legal process.

We understand that sometimes people are frightened to report anti-social behaviour (ASB) and they may be reluctant to be called upon as witnesses if the case is taken to court.

We want to support victims and witnesses. Where you have been affected by ASB, we will keep in constant contact to keep you informed of what is happening with the case.

If you are attending court as a witness we will:

  • meet with you before the hearing if needed
  • organise for you to see the court before the hearing
  • make any special arrangements for disabilities or particular needs
  • assist you with transport to the hearing
  • keep you up to date with the legal process
  • arrange a separate waiting room for you in court.
  • accompany you throughout the court hearing
  • cover the costs of attending court, for example, loss of earnings, childcare and travel

Our “Victim and Witness Support Information” leaflet provides further detail on all of the above and is available at all our local offices and on-line.

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