Early intervention and preventing anti-social behaviour

Not all reports of anti-social behaviour require legal remedies.  We have a range of non-legal responses to address low level incidents of anti-social behaviour.

Warning letters

A warning letter to the individual committing the anti-social behaviour is considered at an early stage and it will state that formal action will be taken if they continue with the behaviour.


Where we think the problem could be solved through mediation, and both parties agree, then we may refer the case to our mediation service provider.  Independent and professional mediators ensure an impartial and confidential service that can often offer a positive resolution.

Acceptable Behaviour Contracts

We may draw up a written contract between us and the person who is guilty of anti-social behaviour. This is called an Acceptable Behaviour Contract (ABC). We may also work with other agencies such as the PSNI, local council or the Youth Justice Agency. We will list the types of behaviour the person has been involved in. The ABC also includes an agreement that the person will not carry out this behaviour again. We will usually keep the contract in place for 6 months.

We will offer the individual a voluntary referral to the Assisting People and Communities Project (APAC) as part of the ABC.  Individuals not subject to an ABC can also be referred to project, which  can provide support services to help the individual to change their behaviour and lifestyle.  APAC  can offer support for those with underlying problems such as a drug or alcohol addiction, and help with budgeting, employment and education issues.  The service also offers counselling and mentoring services.

Anti-Social Behaviour Forum Meetings

We regularly attend Anti-Social Behaviour Forum meetings together with the PSNI, the local council and the Youth Justice Agency. At these meetings we discuss individual cases of anti-social behaviour as well as local hotspots and priorities.

We also exchange information and work together to agree the best ways to address local problems. In some cases other agencies also attend the meeting such as Social Services, Educational Welfare, mental health professionals etc.

Other actions we can take


If you, or a member of your household, has been found guilty of serious anti-social behaviour you may not be entitled to housing assistance from us.

Refusal of house sale

If we have taken legal action or are considering taking legal action due to anti-social behaviour we may not allow you to buy your home.

Introductory tenancies

If you or a member of your household are found guilty of anti-social behaviour during your 12 month introductory tenancy we may repossess your home. We can do this under the terms of the Introductory Tenancy.

Legal action we can take