How we measure performance and outcomes

The performance of services funded through the Supporting People programme is measured against key performance indicators (KPIs) and service performance indicators (SPIs).

What KPIs do we use to measure performance?

We collect quarterly data for the following performance indicators:

KPI 1 – service users who are supported to establish and maintain independent living

KPI 2 – service users who have moved on in a planned way from temporary living arrangements

SPI 1 – service availability

SPI 2 – service utilisation

SPI 4 – throughput

How to complete a Performance Return

Providers must complete quarterly returns within 15 working days of the last reporting day of each quarter. You can download the latest Performance Measurement reporting timetable here: 2020/2021 Performance Measurement reporting timetable (pdf icon PDF 44 KB)

You will find guidance notes to help you to complete and submit your workbooks here:

How we use performance measurement data

We will use performance information to inform the contract management process and to aid strategic planning.  

Read our Performance measurement briefing paper ( PDF 126 kB) to learn how we collect and review performance data.

How we measure outcomes

Providers of Supporting People services are required to collect and submit outcome information through

View the SPOCC Guide (PDF 4.6 MB).

Where can I find out more information on outcomes?

The Outcome Monitoring Reporting Guidance document gives details about:

  • outcome measure collection
  • frequently asked questions
  • outcome indicator descriptions
  • the outcome indicator matrix
  • submission dates

Download Outcome Monitoring Reporting Guidance ( PDF 3 MB)

How should data be submitted? 

Watch the video to learn how to input and submit outcome data.

How often does outcomes information have to be submitted?

The frequency of outcomes submissions depends on the service type. Reporting for Short-term services is required quarterly and reporting for Long-term services is required annually.

You can download the latest Outcomes Monitoring reporting timetable here: 2020/21 Outcomes Monitoring reporting timetable (pdf icon PDF 38kB)

Mid-Point Survey

Supporting People recently carried out an Outcomes mid-point survey for short-term services who have been submitting Outcomes data for the first 2 quarters of 2018/19.
You can now download the results of this Outcomes mid-point survey (pdf icon PDF 1.2 MB)

Supporting People would like to take this opportunity to thank all providers who took part in the survey.

Further advice

If you have any questions, or need help to complete the outcome monitoring, please email

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