Housing association adaptations

Adaptations in a housing association property

If you are a housing association tenant and wish to apply for a major adaptation to your home, you will need to follow the process detailed below.

Please note that when you get adaptation works done, this will involve certain people calling to your home. This may include Housing Executive staff, occupational therapists, technical advisers and building contractors. If a caller claims to be on official business always ask to see their identification card.


  1. Step 1: You will contact your local Housing officer about your problems with carrying out everyday activities.

  2. Step 2: An appointment will be made for you with an Occupational Therapist.

  3. Step 3: The Occupational Therapist will look at your living situation and suggest adaptations to your home.

  4. Step 4: A clerk of works, designer or housing officer will visit your home.

  5. Step 5: The housing management team might review your case if you might need a housing transfer.

  6. Step 6: A designer will draw up a sketch of the plans.

  7. Step 7: The plans will be checked by the housing management team, the Occupational Therapist and you.

  8. Step 8: The plans will be sent for approval.

  9. Step 9: When the plans are approved a contractor will be contacted and work will begin.

  10. Step 10: The Department for Communities will release the grant money.

  11. Step 11: The Occupational Therapist will check the new adaptations to make sure they suit your needs.

If you would like more information and you are a Housing Association tenant, please contact your landlord.

The Northern Ireland Federation of Housing Associations (NIFHA) represents and promotes housing associations in Northern Ireland. They have produced guidance for housing association tenants on adapting your home

To learn more, download our leaflet Adapting your home (public sector housing).

Adaptations in a private property