Occupational therapists

How your occupational therapist can help

An Occupational Therapist is an employee of the Health & Social Services Trust. They assesses the needs of disabled people, such as, their housing needs.

If you are a disabled person, your Occupational Therapist has:

  1. knowledge of various conditions and how they impact on your life
  2. an understanding of how your home is helping or hindering your everyday life
  3. a belief in the removal of barriers that can stop you living your life to the full
  4. qualifications that allow them to suggest the best solutions for the problems you face every day

If you have made an appointment with an Occupational Therapist they will visit your home to see what sort of changes could be made to improve your everyday life.

The Occupational Therapist might suggest new ways for you to do an activity. Or, they may suggest some products or equipment you could use to help with any problems you might have doing something. If this does not work, they might suggest some adaptations to your home to make things easier.

If you are given equipment by an Occupational Therapist they will train you how to use it.

If you need an adaption to your home, the Occupational Therapist will contact us or your Housing Association, and ask them to make the changes to your home. When the changes are finished they will inspect the changes to make sure they fit your needs.

Review of Housing Adaptations Services