HomeSwapper could help you find a swap with another Housing Executive or Housing Association tenant. We call these social housing tenants. You can swap with another secure social housing tenant in Northern Ireland, or one who lives in any part of the UK.

We pay for the service so registration is free if you are a social housing tenant in Northern Ireland.

You must first register your account on the HomeSwapper website or app. After you have done this, your Patch Manager will contact you. They will tell you if you can swap and, if you can, will authorise your registration.

You have to be a secure social housing tenant in Northern Ireland to be able to register. You should not have any arrears or breaches of your tenancy condition. Your Patch Manager can also offer advice on things to consider when looking for a new home.


Once we have approved your registration you’ll be able to post an advert on HomeSwapper.

This should include:

  • details and photos of your current home

  • a few lines on what you’re looking for in a new home

  • where you would like to live

This lets potential swappers see your current property. It also lets them find out if their home meets your needs.

You can also search for homes and send messages to other tenants to see if they want to swap. If you find a suitable swap you will have to tell your Patch Manager. They will check if the Housing Executive is able to approve the swap before you move.

Your Patch Manager will then have to:

  • check your home

  • complete the documents

  • discuss your move

Get swapping now

To register for Homeswapper download the app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

If you’re one of our tenants, you can access HomeSwapper on our tenant portal My Housing Executive.

You can also create an account on the HomeSwapper website.

Tenancy conditions and advice