Transfers and exchanges

Transferring or exchanging to a new home

Most Housing Executive or housing association tenants can request a transfer from or exchange their property for alternative social housing.


If you are already a tenant of the Housing Executive or a housing association and you want to move to another social housing property you can apply for a transfer.

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Did you know that you can request a transfer on the My Housing Executive portal?

My Housing Executive allows Housing Executive tenants to access information about your tenancy and to contact us securely 24 hours a day.


You can also apply for a transfer by completing a ‘Housing/Transfer Application Form’.

Download and complete the Transfer Application Form.

We will then assess your housing needs and place you on the social housing waiting list for a transfer to alternative accommodation owned by us or registered housing associations within your area of choice.

Your request for a transfer won't normally be considered where:

  • you have been living in your home for less than two years
  • you have rent arrears of four weeks or more
  • your home is in a bad state of repair, or we have charged you for repairs
  • you are guilty of a serious breach of your tenancy conditions


As a social housing tenant it is possible to arrange a swap with another social housing tenant. We call this a "mutual exchange". You may find a mutual exchange useful if:

  • you need a smaller, or larger home
  • you are interested in moving to a new area
  • you want to find a more suitable home
  • you don't want to wait for a long time for a transfer

You can read more information in our Want to Move Home leaflet.

You must get permission to exchange your tenancy. Whilst we will not ordinarily refuse you permission there are some circumstances where we may not be able to consent to an exchange:

  • You owe us rent
  • Your proposed new property is too small or too large for your household ;
  • Your current property has been adapted or is part of a sheltered scheme and the new tenant has no need for this type of accommodation;
  • Your home is subject to a court order for possession;
  • You have carried out improvements/alterations without consent

Arranging an exchange

You can ask us to carry out an electronic search for potential properties to ‘swap’ with. We may also contact you with details of potential house swaps.

You can also register to swap online with HomeSwapper. This is free for our tenants and for most housing association tenants in Northern Ireland.


You may find potential home swaps by word of mouth, advertising in newspapers, or online, or postcards in shop windows.

You must get permission before you exchange your home. If you find a suitable swap you should contact us to register for a mutual exchange. 

You must also complete a:

We will then:

  • Inspect both homes before approving the exchange.
  • Approve requests, unless there is good reason not to do so.
  • Send our decision in writing to you, and the other tenant, within 42 days of your request.

Where we approve the exchange both tenants must sign a form to complete the tenancy assignment.


When you accept your new property you agree to take it in its current condition. We will not carry out any repairs unless they are needed to comply with health and safety legislation.

You may also wish to check how this may affect your Right to Buy your new home in the future, before you make your decision.


When viewing or showing a home we recommend that you take some basic precautions to make sure you are safe:

  • Arrange the viewing time in daylight
  • Have someone with you - don’t show your own home or go to see another home on your own
  • Tell someone when and where you are going
  • Bring a mobile phone with you and keep it switched on