Information for leaseholders

If you buy a flat or maisonette from us, you will have to pay a charge to cover the services that we provide.

This payment covers work that we must carry out. This work includes:

  • repairs
  • cleaning of communal areas
  • maintenance of communal gardens
  • buildings insurance
  • ground rent of £10 per annum for all flat sales

The service charge for multi storey flats or flats with communal access will likely include costs for:

  • carrying out repairs and maintaining lighting in areas that all residents share
  • caretaker / concierge services
  • maintenance of lifts

Paying your sevice charge

You will normally pay your service charge annually, but you may have to pay monthly, quarterly or half-yearly.

You will also have to pay towards any planned maintenance and improvement schemes that your home may be included in. This will be on top of your service charge.

There are a number of ways to pay your Service Charges. You can:

  • Pay online*
  • Pay by cash at any PayPoint outlet*
  • Call Allpay automated 24/7 Telephone Service on 0844 557 8321*
  • Download the Allpay Payment App (available on Apple and Andrioid)*
  • Register online to pay via text*
  • Contact the Leasehold Unit for a standing order form
  • Pay by cheque
  • Contact the Leasehold Unit for call assistance with your payment

*You will need your Housing Executive payment card.

Learn more in our leaflet for flat owners.

Buildings insurance

You may need to make a claim for damage to the structure of the building that your flat is in. You can get more information from this leaflet.

Extending your Flat Leasehold Term

If you are a leaseholder of a former Housing Executive flat, it is now possible for you to apply to the Housing Executive to purchase an extension to the length of your lease term.  A lease extension will give you a new lease term of 125 years. There is no limit to the number of times you can apply to extend your lease during your leasehold term.  

Equity Sharing Leaseholders are not eligible to apply for a lease term extension until they have purchased 100% equity of their flat.

To be eligible for a lease extension: 

1. You must be the current full registered owner of the flat. If there is more than one Leaseholder then all leaseholders must be included in the application. 

2. You must not be in breach of any leaseholder covenants and conditions contained in your existing lease.  However, your leasehold extension application may still be accepted if:

    a) the breach is minor and the Housing Executive decides that it is not appropriate or reasonable in the particular circumstances for it to take any action to enforce the breach of the existing Lease; 

    b) you owe the Housing Executive service charges or any other monies payable under your existing Lease. However all service charges and other monies must be paid in full before the leasehold extension is granted.

3. Your flat must not be affected by any Housing Executive strategy or plan which would mean it is inappropriate for the Housing Executive to grant an extension to your existing lease term.

How much will it cost?
You will be required to pay a premium to the Housing Executive for granting a lease extension.  The amount you will have to pay will depend on the term remaining on your current lease and the market value of your flat with a new lease term of 125 years.  

A minimum premium of £2,500 will apply in all cases.

In addition to the premium, you will be required to cover all other expenses you incur for obtaining a leasehold extension. This is likely to include, but may not be restricted to, your own solicitors fees, costs and outlays and Land Registry fees.

You may incur some of these costs even if, for whatever reason, your application is not approved or a leasehold extension is not granted.

We advise that you discuss the full cost of the leasehold extension when instructing your solicitor before deciding if you wish to proceed.

To find out more about how to extend your lease please read Extending your Flat Leasehold Term - a guide for Leaseholders.

If you would like to apply for a lease extension, an application form is available below.

Our Leasehold Extension Premium Calculator provides an estimate of how much you might need to pay for a lease extension.

Useful contacts

Leasehold Unit

9 Lanyon Place, Belfast BT1 3LP

Tel: 03448 920 900


The Housing Executive Leasehold Unit will deal with queries in relation to your Service Charge Accounts. Staff in this unit are responsible for the collection and billing of the Service Charges.

Local Area Office

Tel: 03448 920 900

Your local area office will deal with the Housing management of your Premises which your sold Flat is situated in. This will include repairs and services and will include planned scheme/ improvement works.

Housing Executive Repairs Line

Tel: 03448 920 901

To report a repair to the communal areas of your Flat you should call the above number.

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