Universal credit

Universal Credit

Housing costs for a property rented from the Housing Executive include payments for rent and rates which we charge weekly.  For those claiming Universal Credit there will be separate claims for help to pay your rent and rates.

How housing costs are paid if you claim Universal Credit

Housing costs are paid monthly, in arrears.

If you make a claim for Universal Credit then, provided you qualify, this is how your housing costs will be paid:

Universal Credit

If you have to make a claim for Universal Credit it must be claimed online at nidirect.  As you complete your claim a number of questions about your housing costs will be asked and will help you pay the rent part of your housing costs. 

The following will help our tenants answer those questions: 

You must:

  • confirm you have housing costs;
  • confirm you ‘rent from council or housing association’;
  • give details of:
    • when you moved into your home;
    • how much rent you pay per week – contact us if you need details; and
    • confirm you have no service charges

For landlord details you should:

  • confirm you pay ‘landlord, council or housing association’ and
  • use ‘Housing Executive’ as the name of your landlord

When asked about rates in your Universal Credit claim you should confirm your name is on the rates bill and when asked if you have applied for a reduction in rates say ‘no but I will apply’.

We have a UC Checklist which you can download to help you submit a claim for Universal Credit.   

Rate Rebate Claim

This must be claimed online at nidirect from Land and Property Services.

Once you have set up your Rate Rebate account you will be asked a number of questions.

You should:

  • confirm you ‘live in a NIHE or Housing Association property
  • use your postcode to find your property address
  • select ‘Northern Ireland Housing Executive’ as your landlord
  • provide your ‘Tenancy Reference Number’.  This is an 8-digit number 80XXXXXX detailed on your quarterly rent statement and other correspondence about your rent account (you can contact your local office to confirm this number)

Payments for your Rent / Rates

Any Universal Credit housing costs (rent) and Rate Rebate you are awarded will be paid directly to the Housing Executive. 

Arrears: why you might owe money on your Rent and Rates Account

You may find your Housing Costs (rent / rates) account goes into arrears because there has been a delay in the Housing Executive getting the money from Universal Credit (rent) and Land and Property Services (rates). You may also owe us money for your housing costs because you do not get help to pay all of your rent and rates. 

Find out more about arrears.

Advice disclaimer

The information in this section is for general advice only.  We recommend that you contact your local Housing Executive office if you have queries.

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