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Fire Safety

Living in a tower block doesn’t mean you are any more at risk from fire, but it does mean you need to consider your fire safety and the impact a fire in your home could have on other residents.

It is important for your own safety, to understand what to do in the event of a fire, whether it’s in your flat or somewhere else in the building. Most tower blocks are built to delay the spread of fire for up to an hour. Your building has been designed and built with fire safety in mind.

Download our leaflet to learn more about Fire Safety in Tower Blocks.

Download fire safety leaflet (PDF 355 KB)

Fire Risk Assessments

Following the Grenfell Tower tragedy in London, the Housing Executive established an Independent Reference Group to examine all aspects of fire safety to explore and analyse the precautionary measures we had undertaken on our 33 Tower blocks.

One of the aims of the Reference Group was to review the Fire Risk Assessments of the blocks generally, and ensure all the issues identified were documented and actioned as a priority in line with our statutory and landlord obligations. 

You can read the fire risk assessment reports by clicking the button below.

Read Fire Risk Assessments

Tower Block Strategy

In May 2018, our Board proposed that, over a period of time, we will no longer use tower blocks for housing. A draft action plan has been prepared, setting out proposals for how this could be achieved.

We have sought views of tenants and leaseholders, political representatives and the wider community about future plans for each of the tower blocks and their surrounding neighbourhoods.

Blocks have been categorised for removal in three bands – 1-5 years, 6-10 years, and 10+ years (which may be subject to change).

There are 1,931 flats in the 33 blocks, of which 281 are privately owned, while 29 are used for hostel accommodation.

A response maintenance service will still be maintained for all of the blocks until their eventual removal. In addition, blocks with at least a 5 year lifespan but less than 10 years, may receive some improvement works to ensure the comfort of residents.

Where it is clear that a block has at least a 10 year life, a full improvement programme is proposed.

The final action plan is now in progress, updates of which will be published in due course.

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