Tower Block Strategy

Tower Blocks Action Plan

The Housing Executive Tower Blocks Action Plan is the plan for addressing the 33 tower blocks in our ownership. The Tower Blocks Action Plan was presented to, and approved by, our Board in March 2019.  The Action Plan comprises a mix of retention, re-provision and disposal at various times. 

Given the complexity and scale of this plan our blocks have been categorised into 3 phases:

  • Phase 1: Demolition (or disposal in some cases) in a 1 to 5 year time period;
  • Phase 2: Demolition in a 6 to 10 year period, with remedial repair works carried out in the interim;
  • Phase 3: Demolition at a point beyond the 10 years period, with improvement works carried out as required.

Following Board Approval of the Action Plan a Strategic Outline Case was submitted to the Department for Communities (DfC) and Department of Finance (DoF) for their consideration. DfC and DoF have now endorsed our proposed strategic approach and is content for us to move to the next stage, which is the submission for DfC approval of individual business cases for each of the blocks (or group of blocks as appropriate) setting out our detailed proposals.

We hope to have all of these business cases prepared, submitted and approved within the next twelve months. 
Residents and owners will be consulted during the preparation of these business cases to advise them of the next steps in regard to implementing the proposals for the block in which their home or property is included, and, where appropriate, to discuss and confirm their rehousing preferences.