Older People

We are pleased to publish our Older People’s Housing Strategy 2021/22 – 2025/26 and accompanying action plans for Year 1 (2021/22) and Year 2 (2022/23).

Our Older People’s Housing Strategy 2021/22 – 2025/26 takes into account the changing demography of Northern Ireland, including our own tenant profile and aims to ensure the services and activities that the Housing Executive delivers, considers and meets the needs of our ageing population.

The Strategy is set out under the following four key themes:

  • Planning for the future;
  • Promoting and maintaining dignity;
  • Providing housing advice for older people; and
  • Promoting participation.

We have now developed the Year 2 Action Plan and will provide regular updates against our objectives over the duration of the Strategy.

We are confident that through our own expertise, and, working with a range of partners and stakeholders, we will achieve our objectives and improve housing related services for older people across Northern Ireland.

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