Asset Management Strategy

Our Asset Management Strategy was approved by our Board in 2015 and the Department for Social Development (now Department for Communities) in 2016.

The Strategy replaces our previous Maintenance Investment Strategy and was based on the stock condition survey and asset performance modelling carried out by Savills as part of its Asset Commission work in 2014/15.

The Strategy’s long term aim is to ensure that our stock matches social housing needs, provides a quality of housing that meets residents’ requirements and aspirations, and that both supports and is supported by a robust business plan.

It sets out the principles underlying our investment decisions for our stock and the various activities that will arise from these.

Asset Commission

In 2014-2015 the Department of Social Development (now Department for Communities) commissioned Savills Plc. to undertake a stock condition survey of our properties and a number of other reports relating to our asset management activities. 

You can read the Asset Commission related documents by clicking the button below.

Irish Traveller Strategy